Creating an Animated Film has always been a holistic and fulfilling experience for both, our participants and us. These interactions last from a week to 10 days where the participants learn the art from script to screen with the purpose of inspiring themselves and their community to evolve in thought and habit.

Below are some videos that showcase animated shorts created by our participants. Do get in touch with us for such creative interactions with your community.

Khoya Chappal

(The Lost Slippers)

Created by Grade 6 to 8 students of Gyaan Jyoti School,

Initiated by Founders of Gyaan Jyoti School

Bodh Gaya Bihar, December 2019

A heartwarming short animation film about a pair of lost slippers in search of its companion.

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Kursi Ki Dosti

(Friendship of Chairs)

Created by Grade 6 to 8 Students of Sunrise Public School,

Initiated by Sri Aurobindo Ashram Madhuban

Ramgarh Nainital Uttarakhand, May 2019

An insightful film about the conflict and friendship of two chairs made by village children of Sunrise Public School, Ramgarh Uttarakhand.

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Stick Together

Created by Grade 6 to 8 students of Tibetan Children’s Village School,

Initiated by Principal of TCV

Suja Himachal Pradesh, August 2019

IA film made by 8th Graders of Tibetan Children’s Village School – Suja, to inspire oneself and their friends and share the value of teamwork.

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Submarine And The Fish

Created by Advait Maskeri at Udaan Learning Centre

Kandbari Himachal Pradesh, September 2019

A wonderful mixed media short film of how a submarine saves the little fish from the ferocious shark. Made by Advait innovatively using random props, paper cutouts and clay.

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Cup Cycle

Created by youth of Sunrise Learning Centre,

Initiated by Sharmila Govande and Founders of SLC.

Pune, December 2018

An intelligent short animation film made spontaneously by teenagers of a democratic learning space in Pune – Sunrise Learning Centre to motivate each other and their audience to recycle paper cups rather than throwing them in the waste

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Bachhon Ka Massiah

(Children’s Messiah)

Created by Grade 6 to 8 students of Hali Apna School,

Initiated by Founder of Hali Apna School

Panipat Haryana, October 2019

A tribute film that shares the children’s love towards the founder of Hali Apna School Panipat, Mr. Ram Mohan Rai. Hali Apna School educates the street kids of a neighbourhood in Panipat whose parents can’t afford regular schools.

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Unity in Diversity

Created by Grade 8b students of Tibetan Childrens Village School,

Initiated by the Principal of TCV, Suja

Suja Himachal Pradesh, August 2019

Short Animation Film on how public unity can overcome a tyrant. Made using carrom board, carrom coins and an expressive drinking glass.

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