Past Interactions

We facilitate our participants to experience their life’s story as the Creator-Hero and not the Victim by seeing and embracing their self in completeness– together with their strengths and limitations, and seeing their challenges as opportunities to evolve and grow.

Our creative process involves various forms of storytelling such as writing, art, dance, theatre, music and film. We believe in our 7 Step Self-Guided Learning Approach – Intrigue, Explore, Discover, Express, Implement, Reflect, Celebrate.

Our workshop themes are based on the dreams and challenges of our participants and objectives of our organizers. The duration of our interventions vary from 3 hours to 30 hours (spread across 15 days) based on theme. Below are some of the themes and posters of the interactions we facilitate.

Spontaneity of Animators

Initiated by Vaibhav Kumaresh, Vaibhav Studios

Mumbai, December 2018

One can’t be more animated than this. The entire team of an ace animation studio in Mumbai – Vaibhav Studios gets into playing the Story Rainbow. They observe themselves, their Dreams and Challenges which provides their employer-friend Vaibhav Kumaresh learning about his team and leaves him to ponder on ways to support them on their journeys.

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Motivation of Cyclone Survivors

Initiated by Bharatiya Gyaan Vigyaan Sammiti, Bhuvaneshwar

Puri, July 2019

An initiative by Bharatiya Gyaan Vigyaan Samiti to uplift the spirit of the children in government schools whose homes were destroyed by cyclone Fani.

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Liberation of Jail Inmates

Initiated by Superintendent of Leh Jail

Leh Ladakh, September 2019

A heartwarming, cathartic and liberating two days with 29 inmates of Leh Jail initiated by the Superintendent Regzin Sandup. The four walls can only imprison our bodies. Not Our Spirit. It is our guilt, regret and resentment that imprison our spirit. Forgiveness, Hope of a New Beginning, Dreams and Self Love are the key to Liberation.

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For more videos, visit our Youtube Channel - Soulify Ideas : Playlist ‘Soulful Interactions’

More Themes below…

Age 10 to 12 and 13 to 15

2 Days – Deeper awareness about one’s self, feelings, dreams, challenges, struggle and support systems and the art of weaving an inspiring story.

5 days – Writing a self-inspired story, connecting to one’s own cultural roots to find inspiring and enriching stories, introduction to animation with flipbook and stop-motion animation.

10 days – Self-Inspired story, Rebuilding cultural connections, Animation exercises, Animated Short-film, Theatre Play for Social Change

Age 16 to 18 and Undergrads

2 days – How to deal with academic stress and challenges of family and society. Self-love and Compassion for others. Deeper awareness about one’s self, feelings, dreams, challenges, struggle and support systems. Alternate career options to dream about.

Young Working Professionals

2 days – Corporate Wellness; Finding happiness beyond money and the acquiring mindset in the corporate culture.


2 days – Liberate the Creator, Discovering one’s infinite potential beyond the homemaker and mother.


2 days – The art of connecting with children and providing them a holistic experiential education.


2 day – Understanding our children and exploring alternate methods of parenting through experience.

Senior Citizens

2 days – Being Young! Sharing my priceless treasure with my younger generations and being an inspiration.

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