Theatre has not been widely used in education, as it should have been. We remember our four Vedas but forget the fifth one which is theatre, Theatre works on the person. Theatre is a laboratory of self-exploration, a space to challenge one’s own self, self-worth, strength and weakness, ability to connect with others, emotional intelligence, expression, openness and likewise which leads into deep understanding of human processes.

Below are some videos that showcase theatre plays created by our participants. Do get in touch with us for such creative interactions with your community.

Adventure of Learners

Created by Grade 8B students of Tibetan Children’s Village School,

Initiated by Principal of TCV Suja

Suja Himachal Pradesh Bihar, August 2019

Internalizing the concept of the play… Adventure of Learners, Marvelous time spent in exploring the process of co-creating the theatre play with all the participants. We came up with a joyful 5 days… 16 minutes of the script…. this is just a beginning of fearless leadership and constructive expression!

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Hum Bachchen Kehna Chahe Apni Baat!

(We the Children Want to Express)

Created by Grade 6 to 8 Students of Sunrise Public School,

Initiated by Sri Aurobindo Ashram Madhuban

Ramgarh Nainital Uttarakhand, May 2019

A theatre play by created and performed by learners from Grade 4 to 8 of Sunrise Public School Ramgarh, Uttarakhand. Theatre of relevance process enabled internalisation of the concept of expression, equality, verbalising, strength, confidence, self-discipline, discovery, creativity.

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Aao Unmukth Samaaj Banao

(Come Let's Liberate Our Society)

Created by  Students of Age 13 to 15 Students of Aarambh Welfare School,

Initiated by Aarambh Welfare Society

Dedhgaon Rohtas Bihar, January 2020

The girls from Aarambh School of Dedhgaon village voice their concerns and experiences of living in a patriarchal system urges and appeals to rise and claim their position as an equal contributor and co-creator along with the male members of the village. 

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Bachchon ne Seekha, Bachchon ne Sikhaya

(Children Learn, Children Teach)

Created by Grade 4 to 8 students of Government Middle School,

Initiated by Emran - Teacher at Government Middle School

Achinathang Ladakh, September 2019

Jullay’…Children share an enjoyable form of learning through theatre and performance with their teachers. Theatre as the art of being, is clearly expressed by these expressive children. When you are the character, you don’t need to memorise information anymore.

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